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Hello there and thank you for considering me as your wedding Officiant.  

I know you have many great options when it comes to choosing an Officiant and it is imperative that you find one who is just right for the both of you.

I first became interested in officiating many years ago.

I remember as a child watching my own father officiate weddings and thinking to myself what an honor.

The chance to be a part of one’s happiest day of their life is a treasure and not to be taken lightly. I have found that the most moving vows are those written from the couple's heart, and personalized to them and their journey together.

Officiating weddings calls upon my public speaking skills, writing skills, people skills and my love for weddings.

I enjoy helping couples orchestrate the ceremonial aspect of the happiest day of their life. I enjoy coaxing the details of love stories from the minds and the hearts of the couples whom I am fortunate enough to call clients. I enjoy helping them find the best words for their best day. As a non-denominational or Universalist Officiator,  I welcome all spiritual backgrounds, Interfaith, and Intercultural unions.                              

I perform marriages, commitment ceremonies, and vow renewals. As your wedding Officiator, I am deeply committed to providing you and your love with the most eloquent expression of what gives your union cause to celebrate. I will sit down with the both of you and talk about the love you two share and personalize your ceremony. After I get to know the both of you a little better, I will suggest readings, blessings, vows, traditions, music, etc. that I think are reflective of your style, faith and personality. As always, you have the final say. Let us create a wonderful, meaning-filled ceremony that expresses the most significant aspect of your life, one that recognizes the profound commitment you two are making, as well as the sheer joy of the occasion.

Douglas R. Bethers

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